Our Team

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consist of individuals who are continuously demonstrating their commitment and the growth and development of the vision of the Grindstone Award Foundation. We are just a small piece of a much larger team, but we aim to be the driving force behind the change we want to see. We are grateful for the dedication of every member of our Board of Directors. Their unique skills, experiences and perspectives contribute in very valuable ways. If you want to contact one of our board members for any reason, their contact information is below.

Meet Our Team

The Grindstone team is comprised of a diverse group of people committed to giving back to our hockey community. Our volunteer members are the driving force behind all the work we do. Our individual leadership and collective efforts result in the success we have today. The Grindstone Award would like to extend its thanks to all of our members for the important work they do!

Board of Directors


Danielle Grundy

Danielle has come full circle, returning to Kelowna to be a role model for the next generation of female hockey players. Danielle has achieved a high level in both education and athletics. Her accomplishments include earning a hockey scholarship to play NCAA Division 1 hockey at Dartmouth College and playing professionally in Switzerland for 2 years.

After playing, Danielle immediately starting giving back through coaching. For 6 years, she operated Grundy’s Grind – a hockey camp specifically for female hockey players. After this, Danielle served as the Head Female Development Coach for Kelowna Minor Hockey Association – working with all the female teams within the association.

Danielle recognizes how much the sport of hockey has enriched her life. At the same time, she realizes she would not have been able to achieve these goals if it weren’t for the sacrifices her parents made. Danielle wants all girls to have this opportunity by offering financial support for those who need it. Danielle strives to be a positive role model; encouraging and promoting the same valuable life lessons she learned through athletics.

She believes that discipline, hard work and motivation are some of the skills learned from hockey. These skills are an innate part of her success in her professional careers. Off the ice you will find her selling real estate (www.daniellegrundy.ca) or innovating the business world through her marketing companies (www.lifebloodmarketing.ca or www.realtylabs.ca).

Vice President

Candice Moxley

Head Coach for Buffalo State Women’s Division III hockey team. Moxley led the Bengals to the ECAC West playoffs for the first time in six years during her first season behind the bench and was named ECAC West Coach of the Year this past season. She has also worked as a video coach with Hockey Canada’s women’s development and senior teams from 2013-2015. Prior to Buffalo State, Moxley spent two seasons as an assistant coach at Ohio State and two years as an assistant at Robert Morris in Pittsburgh, both division I programs.

A native of Markham, Ontario, Moxley was a four-year player at Division I Niagara from 2001-05 and played Women’s professional hockey for 3 years in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL). Moxley has also been a member of Canadian Women’s Inline team and Canadian Women’s Ball Hockey team competing internationally at world’s tournaments.



Grindstone Ambassador

Elina Briezkalne

Elina was born and raised in Latvia, a small country in Eastern Europe. Even though Latvia has its own hockey team – Riga Dinamo –  playing in the KHL, she didn’t become interested in hockey until she moved to Canada 6 years ago. Her boyfriend is an amateur hockey player and an avid Maple Leafs fan, and the more Elina watched hockey, the more she learnt to appreciate the sport.

Even though she can barely stand on skates and has only mastered slowly skating around the rink, Elina is looking forward to improve her skills. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll join the Grindstone Team on the ice for a fun game of hockey.

Elina is passionate about languages, visual media, writing, and crafts. Prior to moving to Canada, she was working as a translator and interpreter. She has a diploma in communications from Okanagan College and is currently working as a research assistant at the college and communication coordinator at Shoe Bank Canada.

When she is not busy preparing media content or conducting research, you can find her crocheting with a cup of tea by her side, cuddling her two cats, watching horror movies, cooking Latvian dishes, and writing her blog.


Michaela Case

Michaela decided to play hockey after watching the National Women’s Team take on the Camrose boys AAA team prior to their departure for the Turin Olympics. After that night it was a whirl wind adventure as all three sisters decided to take off the dance shoes and pick up a hockey stick. There was to be no shortage of hockey in the Case household with three daughters all playing hockey together. Michaela treasures many great memories of playing house and rep with her two sisters and eventually pursuing university hockey. After that, Michaela found herself back at home base coaching with the Strathcona Stars, her local female Midget team.

A recent university graduate, Michaela has found her way to Kelowna and has become immersed with the Grindstone Award Foundation. Having the opportunity to help elevate female hockey through summer camps, power skating, teaching at off-ice facilities, and coaching, the Grindstone Award Foundation is another opportunity for Michaela to give back to hockey. Helping her help other female hockey players to reach their potential and achieve those seemingly far off dreams.


Christina O’Reilly

Christina brings close to twenty years of corporate marketing, strategic planning, and event management experience to her role. She has worked for some of the top global enterprise companies, focusing on developing creative, integrated, multi-channel teams that build brands, sales, and positive customer experiences. Born and raised in Ottawa, Christina and her husband moved to Toronto where they raised their two boys. In 2016 they moved to Kelowna where they can now be found enjoying all that the ski hills and lakes have to offer.

Grindstone Ambassadors

Grindstone Ambassador

Camille Arellano

Camille has been playing hockey now for seven years; two years of rep hockey for KMHA, and five years of house. At only age of 13, there is something she has noticed over the years playing hockey in Kelowna. When she started playing, there were two or three girls per team. Now, there are all girls teams, even in Novice. When she was six years old, there were only three girls on her team, and the rest were boys.

She explains, “We were treated like we didn’t matter, and that’s because to most we didn’t. Now that’s changed. In the past seven years girls hockey has come a long way, but still not far enough. That’s why I’m very excited to be joining the Grindstone Award Foundation because it creates a path for girls hockey that no one else has ever tried, and the people at Grindstone understands how it feels to be the only girl in a supposedly all boys sport. I am ready to make a change in girls hockey with the Grindstone Award Foundation and show every single girl that hockey is definitely a sport for girls. I can’t wait to change the world one stride at a time.”

Grindstone Ambassador

Sasha M. Podolchak

Sasha grew up wishing she could play hockey, but there was no opportunity for her to follow her dream as a young person. She began playing hockey later in life, and now plays hockey in Kelowna wherever and whenever possible. She has a passion for the sport, and a belief in what the sport can offer women, especially as it continues to grow. She believes in the values that team sports can offer a young person such as teamwork, perseverance, and having a positive attitude. She knows that these attributes can take anyone wherever they wish to go in life.

Sasha hopes that anyone with the desire to play hockey will be able to do so with the help of this award.


We believe that everyone has the right to play hockey – no matter their financial status. This is about giving girls the same opportunity as their classmates, their neighbors and friends.