Jehan Jiwa featured on WHL Podcast Episode 27


Tune in ðŸŽ§ with guest host Jehan Jiwa as she discusses her road to recovery after a life changing car accident that took place on January 9th, 2023.

Jehan wrote for us here at Women’s Hockey Life for some time before moving on to be the VP of Grindstone Award Foundation and the Manager of Community Engagement for the Vancouver Whitecaps.❤️

Hockey started off as a sport for Jehan and then it became her way of life. She learned about teamwork, loyalty, leadership, confidence, and most importantly over the last year, mental toughness.

In a car accident, Jehan fractured her femur, tibia, and fibula. She had 5 fractured vertebrae, 2 liver lacerations, a fractured thumb, 2 fractured fingers, a collapsed lung, intestinal resection, a dislocated sternum and severe internal bleeding.

Her courage and strength to come back from this accident are a testament to who she is.💪