Lisa McKay


I grew up in the UK sipping on tea whilst dunking cookies and eating chip butties with a beverage every Friday night (I’m not as unhealthy as my opening line appears). Growing up I played “soccer” with my best friend. One night we noticed a bunch of people playing what looked like ice hockey (minus the ice) on a grocery store parking lot. Which I later discovered was a real sport ‘inline hockey’ and from this point onwards “soccer” was a part of the past. My best friend and I would spend all of our weekends travelling the country playing game after game. Then at 18, I moved to Vancouver and made the switch to ice hockey… I spent most of my first season facing “goalie interference’ penalties from being able to skate but NOT able to stop.

I have a dog named Bauer who takes up 99.9% of my time. She loves tennis balls, bouncy balls, soccer balls, rugby balls, golf balls, ping pong balls, (basically anything circular and chase-able) and she can destroy the most indestructible of items. I like to get out in the outdoors “refreshing” as much as possible with my partner (who takes up the final 0.1%) whether it be camping, hiking, or preferably both.

I am really happy to be a part of Grindstone and love everything about what Grindstone is about and their mission.


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