Kali Charambura


I’ve never met a sport or sporting event I didn’t like. I grew up playing any sport I could sign up for throughout school and as a prairie girl, I stuck with curling as an adult. As a result of my sports obsessions, I’ve taken all sorts of sports trips to all kinds of sporting events, and the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver gave me the opportunity to work at the hockey tournament and see the Canadian women win gold. My degree at SFU focused on child development and education, and I gravitated toward topics about women and girls in sport; the research shows that participation in sports strongly leads to so many positive physical, emotional and social outcomes for girls. With that knowledge, I’ve always felt drawn to anyone encouraging girls’ participation and representation in all sports. 

In 2018, I volunteered at a women’s hockey tournament in Whistler with a friend, and my relationship with Grindstone started. Since then, I’ve bought hockey gear, and played hockey for my first time ever in the 2nd Annual Grindstone Hockey Tournament, and I haven’t looked back. Even though I’m not a lifelong hockey player, I am passionate about being a part of a movement to grow the game of women’s hockey, and I want to do anything I can to help girls get involved in the sport. 


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