Camille has been playing hockey now for seven years; two years of rep hockey for KMHA, and five years of house. At only age of 13, there is something she has noticed over the years playing hockey in Kelowna. When she started playing, there were two or three girls per team. Now, there are all girls teams, even in Novice. When she was six years old, there were only three girls on her team, and the rest were boys.

She explains, “We were treated like we didn’t matter, and that’s because to most we didn’t. Now that’s changed. In the past seven years girls hockey has come a long way, but still not far enough. That’s why I’m very excited to be joining the Grindstone Award Foundation because it creates a path for girls hockey that no one else has ever tried, and the people at Grindstone understands how it feels to be the only girl in a supposedly all boys sport. I am ready to make a change in girls hockey with the Grindstone Award Foundation and show every single girl that hockey is definitely a sport for girls. I can’t wait to change the world one stride at a time.”


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